Architectural Design & Permitting: Make the Right Choices | HTH 006
This week, 'Ultimate Drafting Pro' Ricky Maciel joins Aaron and Tracy to talk all things design and permitting. We discuss how to pick the best professional for the job, why permits are often necessary and how to find out if you’ll need one for your
Home Security: Everything You Need to Know to Keep You and Your Property Safe | HTH 005
Ryan Kadoi joins Aaron and Tracey this week to share his top home security tips. We discuss the best cameras, sensors and smart home security systems - as well as simple & affordable DIY methods to keep your property safe from intruders!
Talking Tile: Top DIY Tips for Your Next Tiling Project | HTH 004
Adam Esparza of Ale Tile joins Aaron and Tracy this week to talk all things tile! Adam shares his winnign formulas, top tips and insider knowledge to help make your next tiling project a breeze.