Best Home Air Filters for Cigarette Smoke

Best Home Air Filters for Cigarette Smoke

Deciding on the perfect home air filter for your specific needs can be rather tricky. The market has tons of new units available meant for an array of different purposes. These additional options have offered you great value for money,but at the same time, the process of choosing the perfect air filter for your home has become complicated.

However, you can simplify the process by considering your personal needs and priorities. There are obvious factors of brand name, quality, and the performance assurance offered by a brand.

Even if you have a particular company in mind, you will have to dig a little deeper in order to land upon the perfect model in your budget.

Consider the following factors while deciding upon the perfect home air filter for your specific needs:

Filtration Need: How do you define sufficient filtration? You should be able to justify the cost of your air filters. Think about the exact amount of filtration that you require. If you’re generally at ease with the air quality around you then simply opt for a lighter air filter that targets cigarette smoke. You don’t really have to spend on something very heavy duty for this.

Priority: Are you concerned about the energy efficiency of the filter as well? Are you looking for an air filter to serve only a singular purpose? Your specific priorities will help determine the right kind of filter for you.

Health Issues: Are you or any family member suffering from allergies? Are you bothered by issues of mold and dust? In such a case, you will have to invest in an air filter that offers additional qualities of trapping pollen and mold spores as well.

Energy Efficiency: Air filters that are restrictive in nature can reduce the overall efficiency of your Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning system. If the overall energy consumption matters to you, then you will need to search for the unit that offers you efficiency and effective filtration of cigarette smoke simultaneously.

Operational Performance: Certain restrictive air filters have the tendency of overworking the HVAC system. This ultimately leads to the premature failure of your equipment. You need to make sure that the filter you choose is well integrated with the HVAC system.

Maintenance: If you’re the kind of individual who tends to forget changing their filters then you need to opt for ones that only demand yearly cleaning and replacements. However, if you don’t find this a hassle,then there are many budget-friendly options out there for you.

In the case of cigarette smoke, you have to look for air filters that ensure you a pollution free living space. There is absolutely no harm in looking out for additional factors as well. You need to look for most value for your hard-earned money.

Best Home Air Filters for Cigarette Smoke

It becomes rather challenging to achieve great quality indoor air with the use of tobacco products indoors. Filters that utilize HEPA and activated carbon technologies have been proven most effective in such a situation. The ones that utilize both technologies offer the most holistic approach towards air filtration. Not only are the smoke particles from the cigarette complete filtered out but the tobacco odor is removed from the air as well. These filters will ensure a healthy and safe environment for everyone, all the while offering you great value in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. Following are some of the best air filters for getting rid of cigarette smoke from your homes:

1. Holmes AER1 HEPA Type Total Air Filter

Holmes AER1 HEPA Type Total Air Filter

Price: $

Think of this filter as a solution to all your problems. The brand offers you air free of odors from your pets and any household activities along with theremoval of cooking fumes and tobacco smoke. The HEPA filters ensure capturing of pollutants and allergens such as mold, smoke, dust mite, pet dander, pollens, and debris of any kind. The filters work effectively against the tobacco smell as well thanks to the Arm and Hammer baking soda which is infused in the unit.


  • Around 99% of the airborne pollutants are removed
  • Improved air quality of up to 30% is promised
  • Household odor is eliminated with the Arm and Hammer Baking Soda
  • Replacement after 12 to 18 months


  • Some customers have issues with baking soda infusion.
  • The filters have reported requiring replacement sooner than 12 months.

2. Electrolux EL045 HEPA Air Cleaner Filter

Electrolux EL045 HEPA Air Cleaner Filter

Price: $

This HEPA filter from Electrolux guarantees you a smoke-free space. The company is known for offering the very best,and the filter proves nothing less. The filter claims to capture all possible impurities in the air at the size of 0.3 microns and more. This includes everything from allergens, dust, cigarette smoke, household smoke, odor, and pollen. You can rest assured that almost every pollutant from the air will be filtered out. You don’t have to worry about replacing the filter every two or six months. It offers you optimal performance for up to one year.


  • 99% of airborne particles are targeted
  • 12-month smooth performance
  • Serves as a replacement filter for EL045 and ELAP15D7PW
  • Warranty is offered by the company


  • Highly Costly

3. Surround Air Intelli-Pro Spare HEPA Filter

Surround Air Intelli-Pro Spare HEPA Filter

Price: $

These amazing filters are created from small glass fibers. This enables the filter to capture the tiniest of particles in the air. These HEPA air filters have pores that are highly absorbent and guarantee you a smoke-free living. Not only will you be able to remove all kinds of pollutants from the air but also, all kinds of allergens. The filter offers you technologies of carbon filtration and ionization at a highly reasonable price. These are as effective on liquid particles as they are on solid particles, regardless of the size.


  • Optimal performance is offered with the help of HEPA and activated carbon technologies.
  • The filtration is highly effective with the help of ultra-fibrous and ultra-absorbent glass fibers.
  • Chemicals and odors are removed as well
  • Reasonably Priced
  • Rubber gasket allows improved fitting


  • Customers have reported the need for replacement in less than three months
  • There is no specific warning for the carbon filters

4. Winix HEPA Filter

Winix HEPA Filter

Price: $

These unique filters are great value for money. If you’re on a budget, then this brand should be your choice. The company ensures removal of all particles such as lint, dust, pet dander, and tobacco smoke from your indoor space. A year of optimal performance is promised by the company. This means that you don’t have to worry about replacing the filter every few weeks.


  • Reasonably priced
  • 99% removal of smoke from the indoors
  • One year of optimal performance
  • Easy installation


  • Tobacco odor is not fully removed from the space.
  • Fitting can be tricky

Final Thoughts

The aforementioned information should enable you to find the perfect home air filter for cigarette smoke. Keep in mind that these filters are definitely not an ultimate solution. The ideal solution would be to remove activities involving indoor cigarette smoking. However, in order to make the space breathable and healthy, you should consider the best air filters listed. Keep in mind different factors of your budget and other specific needs that you might have.